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Who Do the Chicago Cubs Want to Play in the Playoffs?

Game Previews / September 28, 2016 /

Basing on the current standings, it is right to say Chicago Cubs are running away with the best record in baseball. They are currently sitting at 81-45 before their next current baseball standings on Friday. The record places them at 7.5 games ahead of the next best team. There is a high possibility of them to perform better in their next game against the Washington Nationals given the home advantage they will have on that day. All teams are still a challenge to the Cubs and therefore are prepared to take upon all teams despite the anticipation and preparations against them. They are ready for all tournaments as they go into the postseason rounds. As the playoff approaches, here are the top four likely opponents they will have to face;

The Marlins are still close to the Cubs. Even if Cubs loss at Giancarlo Stanton, this will not affect their chances in finishing in the top flight. They are not taking chances with the remaining games. They know the Marlins are strong opponents, and they will give everything to ensure they come out victorious. Few changes are expected in the team where the club will match up a young player. The player is still reliable for the next three games which are still challenging. Despite ranking 11th, the team is still in a good position to challenge the Chicago Cubs. They have managed to win in 7 out of 8 starter games in the postseason.

Dodgers are currently leading in the NL West. The chances of Chicago Cubs playing the Dodgers are very high. Two scenarios are likely to happen and will see these two teams met in a heated competition. The first incidence is when the Dodgers fall out of their Division lead and end up as Wild card. Cubs could also hit a skid and land to second place on their record. The two sides have strong squads that will put up a performance their fans will love. Dodgers are however unfortunate because one of their top players has been hit with a long injury. After not playing for several months, it will be a challenge for them to find a perfect replacement for Clayton Kershaw. They will miss their full pitchers who are an advantage to Cubs.

Facing the Cubs would be a rematch of last year’s NLDS fixture where the Cubs emerged victoriously. They won 3-1 at a time when the Cardinals had a whole squad of pitchers. If they meet again, the Cardinals will have a rough time because most of their pitchers are sidelined because of injuries. It does not feel like a perfect match up for a side which is fully prepared with a deep squad. Martinez and veteran Adam Wainwright could be making returns before the actual day of the match for the Cardinals. It is not yet convincing that they will have the strength to hold the Cubs despite their perfect record of 7-6 in all competitions. The postseason performance against the Cubs could be a new beginning in the upcoming series.

The Giants are also a less match up to the Chicago Cubs. It is very likely that these two sides will eventually meet during this season. The Giants are on the verge of meeting the Cardinals who are at the same level. If they play in the Wildcard and emerge victorious, they play Chicago Cubs in finals. Jeff Samardzija who is the club’s pitcher could be looking for revenge on the Cubs who traded him two seasons ago.