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Jay Cutler’s Legacy With The Bears

Uncategorized / March 18, 2017 /

Jay Culter has been playing football since high school. During those years he was actually highly involved in football, baseball, and basketball. Football continued to be his main passion and since then has become the defining aspect of his life. He later attended Vanderbilt University and played for the Vanderbilt Commodores. He went on to play professionally for the Oakland Raiders, Baltimore Ravens, Arizona Cardinals, and Denver Broncos. For the past several years, he has been the quarterback for the Chicago Bears.

He was let go from the Chicago Bears team March 9 of this year. Although he was a good quarterback in many ways, he left a lot of disappointment in his wake. It may be an understatement to say that there were high expectations of Culter when he joined the Chicago Bears team in 2009. In fact, these expectations were astronomical. Everyone-fans, the media, the team manager and owners-fully expected him to be a kind of wonderworker on the field. The Bears management had wanted him so bad, in fact, that they made several huge sacrifices to pull of the deal.

But sadly for many, while Culter ended up being a pretty decent quarterback for the Bears, he was nowhere near as good as expected. And while he has managed to obtain many Chicago fans, there are also a lot of really disappointed fans who thing he’s the worst Bears quarterback ever. Chicago fans are still about 50-50 on this point. No, Culter wasn’t that bad of a quarterback. He did lead the franchise in passing categories like yards (23,443), touchdowns (1543), completions (2,020), and passing attempts (3,271), but he also has the second most interceptions in Bears history under his belt.

In addition, he has missed huge sections of every season he has played on the team with injury-related problems. All of this weighed in the balance, Culter is seen by experts as having been just an average quarterback. And when you were expecting so much more and made so many sacrifices to attain the dream, that really hurts the Bears management. Experts say that statistically his best seasons were 2010, 2014, and 2015 with 2010 being his best. That year he led the Bears to 11-5 in the regular season and a spot in the playoffs.

But even this season didn’t really help him overall, mostly because of the aforementioned injuries that had him on the sidelines a lot of the time. This most recent season was really bad, ending with a 3-13 record and Cutler was only able to play five games of it. So the Bears decided they needed to move on and to part ways with Cutler. It was not an unexpected move by anyone-including Cutler-since his contract extension signed in 2013 just ended. But the Bears ended things well, publicly and graciously expressing gratitude to Cutler for his help with the team that past few years.

They also appreciated his public profile in which he constantly helped those in need. They have replaced Cutler with former Tampa Bay quarterback, Mike Glennon. Cutler is presently out of a job, but has an estimated worth of $30 million and has already been contacted by the Jets to play for them. In the meantime, he is enjoying quality time with wife Kristin Cavallari and their three kids. He is also helping with two charities: Jay Cutler Foundation, which he founded to help high schoolers attain graduation, and Dedicated to Diabetes, a charity to help kids struggling with Diabetes. The whole of the NFL industry and its fans wait to see if indeed greatness does lie in Cutler’s future.