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Chicago White Sox vs. Chicago Cubs

Season Preview / March 13, 2017 /
History of the White Sox-Cubs rivalry 
There are a number of great rivalries in every sport. Professional athletes love to compete against the highest rank players to make a statement. Fans spends months preparing to watch their teams take on their greatest rival. Even companies from around the world love to advertise their products or services during some of the biggest rivalry games because they know there will be record audience. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved. How can we determine which two teams bring on the greatest sports rivalry. That is subject to personal opinion, but there are many sports fans that can make a case for the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs being the greatest rivalry. It is also known as Crosstown Classic or The Windy City Showdown.

The Chicago area has some of the most intense sports fans on the planet. Each resident of Chicago has a couple of different sports teams to choose from. The battle between the White Sox and the Chicago Cubs is more than just an ordinary sports rivalry. It is an all out civil war. Imagine the Chicago being split and half with Cubs fans on one side and then White Sox fans on the other lined up silently starring at each other. Then the fans are turned against each other.

The “North Siders” Cubs fans have always been loyal to their team. Regardless of what their record is, fans will still tune in to watch their favorite players take the field. Sports fan growing up watching the cubs never really had high expectations for the team being any good. People in Chicago love to get passed the harsh winters and onto the beautiful summer days. Grab a few bears, sit outside, and enjoy watching a baseball game.

How it all started

The rivalry between these two teams started over a century ago when a franchise known as Saint Paul Saints was in the process of transferring to Chicago. The owner of the Cubs franchise was disappointed in the move and tried everything in his power to not steal the Cubs territory.

After negotiations it was determined that this new franchise could set up south of 35th Street. They took the the name “White Stockings” which was the Cubs original name in the late 1800s.

The two teams met for the first time during the 1906 World Series. This was a huge event that put the city on pause for an entire week. The Cubs were favored to win that game by a long shot but ended up losing to the White Sox.

Fast forward to 1997 and the Cubs and White Sox started playing against each other at least once a year in exhibition matches. The “Windy City Classic” started in 1985 and was set out to be a yearly event. Over a ten year period from 1985-1995 the White Sox led the series with a record of 10-0-2. Since 1997, the two teams have played each other six times alternating stadiums.

The moment that the rivalry escalated to violence

The White Sox-Cubs rivalry got violent on May 20, 2006. It was the fairly early on in the game. Brian Anderson, White Sox player, hit the ball high up in the air in hopes of helping teammate A. J. Pierzynski score a home run. On his way to the final base he and Cubs catcher Michael Barrett bumped heads. Barrett could not hold onto the baseball and Pierzynski earned the home run. After Pierzynski left the field celebrating, Barrett got in his way and punched him. Next thing you know it was an all out brawl.