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Jay Cutler’s Legacy With The Bears

Uncategorized / March 18, 2017

Jay Culter has been playing football since high school. During those years he was actually highly involved in football, baseball, and basketball. Football continued to be his main passion and since then has become the defining aspect of his life. He later attended Vanderbilt University and played for the Vanderbilt Commodores. He went on to play professionally for the Oakland Raiders, Baltimore Ravens, Arizona Cardinals, and Denver Broncos. For the past several years, he has been the quarterback for the Chicago Bears. He was let go from the Chicago Bears team March 9 of this year. Although he was a good quarterback in many ways, he left a lot of …..

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Chicago White Sox vs. Chicago Cubs

Season Preview / March 13, 2017

History of the White Sox-Cubs rivalry¬† There are a number of great rivalries in every sport. Professional athletes love to compete against the highest rank players to make a statement. Fans spends months preparing to watch their teams take on their greatest rival. Even companies from around the world love to advertise their products or services during some of the biggest rivalry games because they know there will be record audience. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved. How can we determine which two teams bring on the greatest sports rivalry. That is subject to personal opinion, but there are many sports fans that can make a case for …..

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Chicago Cubs : Can They Repeat ?

Season Preview / March 12, 2017

Cubs Poised to Grab One More¬† After what many baseball enthusiasts are calling the most exciting World Series in history, fans of the 2016 Major League Baseball Champion Chicago Cubs still have one question: Have the Cubs started a new book in baseball history, or was last year’s win just a better chapter in the team’s long, sad story? While it is understandable that one championship can’t erase 100-plus years of earned skepticism, Cubs can rest easy with the thought that this will be another year of watching a red and blue World Series. The Team to Beat Hardly any expert would argue the Cubs’ chances of being the favorite …..

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Who Do the Chicago Cubs Want to Play in the Playoffs?

Game Previews / September 28, 2016

Basing on the current standings, it is right to say Chicago Cubs are running away with the best record in baseball. They are currently sitting at 81-45 before their next current baseball standings on Friday. The record places them at 7.5 games ahead of the next best team. There is a high possibility of them to perform better in their next game against the Washington Nationals given the home advantage they will have on that day. All teams are still a challenge to the Cubs and therefore are prepared to take upon all teams despite the anticipation and preparations against them. They are ready for all tournaments as they go …..

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